About Us

BRWN Stock Imaging is a stock website with a specific focus on providing images featuring people of color. Our website was born out of the underrepresentation of black and brown people on other popular stock websites. We felt it was necessary to provide images for content creators that captures the vibrant beauty of our people. We hope our website helps in changing the focus through OUR lens by also providing quality images for people like us


Porsha Antalan

As the old saying goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This is exactly what our founder, Porsha Antalan, sought to do when she conceptualized the idea for BRWN Stock Imaging. With a degree in Fine Arts from Georgia Southern University, Porsha has always been the creative in her family. This creative mind helped begin her first photography company, Femqua Productions over nine years ago. It was not until last year when she thought of creating a stock website for people of color after speaking with one of her favorite authors about the lack of diversity on other stock websites. When Porsha is not working to make a difference in our community, you can find her taking photos around the vibrant city of Atlanta.

Brand Strategist

Mahogany Brown

Meet Mahogany, you can call her the right hand of BRWN Stock Imaging. She is always there to make sure everything is running smoothly with the social side of the business. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Mahogany knew she wanted to be a part of a company whose goal was to make a difference in her community. In her free time, Mahogany is a self-proclaimed foodie. She loves going to new places to try their local foods. Her next stop is Washington State to visit a restaurant called Ivar’s Salmon House, for their famous fish and chips.